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Project Accomplishments 

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Sponsored by the

City of Sebastopol

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Sebastopol Vitality Project

Since March of 2020, CoMission has been working in the City of Sebastopol to assist Sebastopol businesses, residents, and nonprofits navigate the pandemic in an effort to strengthen community vitality.

CoMission accomplishments involved ​community outreach and support to businesses, residents, and community benefit organizations.

​Business Support 

CoMission brought Community Vitality and pandemic response efforts to the local Business Council and is actively participating in the council. Here are some of the highlights of what CoMission accomplished:

  • Business Council

    • Facilitated regular meetings with local business leaders to help consistent and productive communication, collaboration, and visioning

    • Conducted Sip Shop Savor through the month of July

      • Canvassed numerous businesses in person, one on one, to promote the campaign

    • Hosted Business Webinars on COVID safety regulations and improving online presence and sales.

  • Holiday Marketing Campaign

    • Created and placed window cards outlining business offerings via a door to door canvass

    • Created handouts for business owners to expand their offerings and online sales

    • Worked to anchor Townsy in the Business Council and with the Chamber of Commerce

  • Direct business support

    • Coached numerous businesses in navigating pandemic challenges and strategies

    • Helped with applications and administration of PPP Administration & Local Loan Availability 

    • Provided analysis and guidance of local and state health orders for safe operation

  • Sebastopol City Loan Program Development at $150,000

    • Conducted a business survey to determine need

    • Promoted and solicited loan availability to local business owners

    • Designed, promoted and administered the application process ​

  • Worked directly with the Chamber of Commerce to advance and develop their communications and outreach during the pandemic  

  • Assisted with Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Development 

  • Provided input to Public Works Department on their banner program

  • Conducted direct outreach to local businesses and non-profits to identify support needed and offer resources available

  • Worked with local press to promote Sebastopol's businesses 

  • Worked to identify goals for 2021 as a Business Council


Community Benefit Organization Support

CoMission has actively and collaboratively worked to strengthen and support Sebastopol community organizations, our non profits. Here are some of the highlights of what CoMission accomplished:

  • CBO Council 

    • Developed collaboration of CBO leaders

    • Developed public facing ongoing monthly newsletter highlighting CBO events, fundraisers, and job postings

    • Recruited speakers to help the CBO council with capacity building

  • Regular engagement with community groups and residents to support maximum collaboration

  • Establishment of healthy, ongoing communications and unification of efforts

  • Conducted visioning sessions to explore what the future of our town could look like

  • Solicited individuals ready to volunteer for our CBO’s and who want more information on their offerings

  • Worked to identify goals for 2021 as a Council, prioritizing our combined efforts


Service Organizations Council

Sebastopol is blessed with multiple effective service organizations. CoMission has helped bring many of these organizations together as a council. Organizations, such as the Rotary clubs, Kiwanis, and the Lions Club, Masons, 20-30 Club, The Sebastopol Grange, Soroptimists, and representatives from local churches are organizing to do more together. As a council, we are actively: 

  • Identifying opportunities to collaborate

  • Taking an inventory of community assets, and the needs of local non-profits and individuals who provide community-based services

  • Organizing a Community Summit in May 2021 to share what we have learned 

  • Providing members of the public a roadmap on how to plug in and help make a difference

Residential Support

CoMission has conducted a community needs assessment that has closed in January, 2021. The resulting report has been submitted to the City Council and demonstrates the common concerns and desires of the residents of Sebastopol with regard to the local economy, pandemic impacts, public access, and emergency preparedness. We also solicited, isolated and aggregated answers to these same questions from residents of 95472 but not city limits residents in order to study shopper’s tendencies. Here are some of the highlights of what CoMission accomplished:

  • Residential Community Survey 

  • Directed residents looking to help build community vitality to local business campaigns and Community Benefit Organizations 

  • Mobilized plant starts for those residents in need of assistance growing sustenance 

  • Provided resource material for residents who self identify as food-insecure

Community Surveys Conducted

CoMission conducted a series of surveys in order to identify needs of both the business and community at large to understand common challenges and create potential solutions. These surveys were conducted throughout 2020 and continued into 2021. Reports were completed for each survey which you can find below.

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