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Residential Survey

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Sponsored by the

City of Sebastopol

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Sebastopol Vitality Project: Residential Survey (CLOSED)

This report is being created by CoMission for the City of Sebastopol to outline the results of the Residential Survey and offer potential actions to identified challenges. Throughout the report, notable trends emerge that reflect the residential community’s sentiments and collective thoughts. In some cases, questions and answers provide meaningful insight on the impacts of the pandemic both in terms of pre and post intervention (pandemic related challenges) as well as direct responses toward potential paradigm shifts. Using both qualitative and quantitative measurements the resulting data will be useful in continuing to address the needs and desires of Sebastopol’s residential community while driving at longer-term consensus-based recommendations. Additionally, CoMission has provided emergency support information to those who responded in the survey requesting this information.

Download the Community Vitality Project Residential Survey Report.

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