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Our Mission


Imagine a world where quality of life is mutually assured, where our economies are robust, and where all people have what they need for food, housing, utilities, and healthcare. Imagine the interconnected web of local and regional commerce that takes place on a daily basis, and how most of what we need to live comfortably is already in our region, and available by businesses that directly support our fellow community members as owners and employees. Imagine that when the next fire, pandemic, or climate change catastrophe affects us the impacts are buffered by the fact that we have access to what we need from our web of regional partners.

The people that provide the essential goods and services that your community needs are your friends and neighbors. The ingredients to our basic needs and delights exist within our own local ecologies. The key to this web of vitality is collaboration. When there is vibrant collaboration between local businesses, governments, and community groups we make great progress towards a unified vision of health and plenty, supported by and in support of a sustainable ecology and economy. 

When we participate in these webs of local resilience we all become stronger and happier, for there is nothing more healthful and gratifying than being part of a Collaborative Mission: creating and fostering a thriving and joyous community. 

This is the CoMission.

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