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Apples in a Crate

Sebastopol's Foundation; all of 95472

Will you volunteer with me?

Craig Litwin.jpg

Craig Litwin;

Lead Organizer for 95472

This is a Call To ACTION! 

95472 is great, & now let's take it up a notch.

Volunteer, join a service club and help local nonprofits

Donate to local nonprofits and become a member and sustaining donor

Join the numerous efforts and plug in to make a local difference

Fill out the form below to volunteer!


Sebastopol’s Foundation models solutions that already exist and lays out the local roadmap for more people to get their basic needs met locally. We are taking inventory of people’s needs, interests, talents, and hopes for a better community and helping them make the local connections faster to find fulfillment. It is a symbolic project and a practical project, a true foundation in the stability sense as well as the financial sense. 

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