Inspire real action and
transformation in your community

Government officials, non-profit agents, and business leaders:

Listen to your


Develop an
Informed Plan

Engage in 
Collaborative Action

Gain data and insights on your community's struggles and how you can support them. 

Create an action plan focused on your community’s strengths and connections.

Use our expertise to manage the community stakeholders and create positive change.

Learn more about the Vitality Project, opportunities to volunteer, how to gain access to food security, and other ways to get involved by signing up for our newsletter.

People in Sebastopol, CA

Let’s revitalize communities together!


Outreach and organizing support: We can facilitate your vision and establish ongoing community action to see it through.


Brand management: We can promote your business offerings through collaborative outreach and modernized promotional tools.


Promote and grow: We can help amplify your mission to more people, building support and membership.


Get involved: Follow our links to the community calendar, volunteer opportunities, and food security resources. You are the heart and soul of it all!

Unite behind a shared vision

CoMission is a community-oriented organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and improving the quality of life for communities. We create webs of local resilience to becoming a stronger and happier community while fostering and thriving together.

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