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Transforming our communities from the inside out

creating local food abundance...establishing affordable housing...supporting non-profits...leveraging service club projects...fundraising for local needs...strengthening youth programs...building local business...helping seniors thrive...enhancing ecological restoration...participating in local government...building inter-dependent coalitions...

Contact CoMission to help bring your project to fruition!


Service Clubs, Non-Profits, Businesses, Residents, & Local Governments 


Listen to your


Develop an
Informed Plan


Engage in Action
and Collaboration

Gain insight on your community's goals and discover how you can support them. 

Create an action plan focused on your community’s strengths and connections.

Use our expertise to organize community stakeholders and create positive change.

Let’s revitalize communities together!


Residents & Visitors

Get Involved: Learn about volunteer opportunities and local shared resources. Enhance your neighborhood! You are the heart and soul of it all!


Local Business & Associations

Share your Wares: Promote your business offerings through collaborative outreach, old fashioned, and modern promotional tools.


Service Clubs & Non-profits

Promote and Grow: Amplify your mission and actions to more people, building volunteer and financial support and membership.


Local Government 

Outreach and Organizing Support: Facilitate your vision and establish ongoing community action to see it through.


Unite behind a shared vision

CoMission is a community-oriented organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and improving the quality of life for communities. We create webs of local resilience to becoming a stronger and happier community while fostering and thriving together.


"The City of Sebastopol engaged CoMission for over a year, in which time I regularly worked with them to implement numerous programs for our community such as the business loan program and community councils. Navigating the pandemic has been difficult, but it was that much easier with such a professional and diligent group working with City staff."

Larry McLaughlin - Previous Sebastopol City Manager and current City Attorney

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