Community Vitality: City of Sebastopol

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CoMission has engaged with the City of Sebastopol on the "Community Vitality Project" as outlined in the 2019 city plans, however since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are swiftly shifting our focus and priorities to address the new challenges and face the resiliency demands of the community not only as they were prior to COVID-19, but especially in the wake of the pandemic.

We will be reaching out to the Sebastopol community comprehensively using outreach and engagement tactics from community meetings to public surveys, proactively eliciting participation from our local business, nonprofit, and government stakeholders.


Our work is specifically designed to be performed in an inclusive and collaborative way, and we greatly look forward to connecting with you!


While much work toward the development of community outreach and engagement has already been conducted, the comprehensive community engagement portion of the program is scheduled to kick off on 5/5/20 in order that our team may rapidly engage with stakeholders and effectively assess and respond to the needs of the community. 

Please click the button below to become a participating member of this project, and bookmark this page as it will be updated periodically with the resources and events we develop for the community.

Though this project has just kicked off, here are some things we are hoping to bring to you through our work:

  • Direct outreach to all local businesses and non-profits

  • A community needs assessment survey to help get your voice heard

  • Visioning sessions to explore together what the future of our town could look like

  • Centralized business resources for recovery and resilience

  • Support in accessing pandemic relief funds

  • Mobilizing local food producers' participation in the emergency food assistance program

  • Strategy workshops for local businesses to pivot to the post-pandemic paradigm

  • A local non-profit cohort to preserve our valuable community programs

  • Engagement with community groups and residents to support maximum collaboration


CoMission is a community-oriented organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and improving the quality of life for communities. We create webs of local resilience to becoming a stronger and happier community while fostering and thriving together.


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